How To Treat Dull Eyes?

While beautiful, glowing, bright eyes indicate radiant health; dull and lusterless eyes are a clear indication of ill health and depressed state of mind. This is clear from the fact that the eyes of a sick person are enough to recite the story of his/her suffering.

The list of main causes of dull and lusterless eyes includes physical and mental strains, which most often results from overwork, loss of sleep, anxiety, fear, improper blood supply and faulty diet.  Spending too much time on computer, watching television for long hours, reading for long hours, reading in dim or too much bright light, or maintaining wrong posture while reading, watching television or working on computer are sure to bring physical strain on eyes and make them look dull. Consuming diet excessively rich in starch, sugar or salts and low in vitamin A leads to improper metabolism, which also paves ways for dull and lusterless eyes.

Natural way to restore luster to eyes:

As physical and mental strain is the biggest reason behind dull eyes, the restoration process must includes methods to help eye and surrounding muscles loose strain and contraction. Certain exercises involving eyes and neck are very helpful in loosing strain and contraction from eye and surrounding muscles.

Eye Exercise:

Move your eyes up and down for 5-10 times gently, while keeping the head still and relaxed. This exercise should be repeated two to three times with in-between rests of 3-5 seconds.

Move your eyes from right to left and left to right for 5-10 times gently without putting any pressure or force on the eye muscles, while keeping the head still and relaxed. Repeat this exercise for two to three times with in-between rests of 3-5 seconds.

Move your eyes slowly and gently clockwise and anti-clockwise for 5-10 times gently, without any force. Repeat this exercise for 4-5 times with in-between rests of 3-5 seconds.

Neck Exercise: 

Rotate the neck in circles from left to right and then from right to left for 54-5 times, while keeping the body still and relaxed. Repeat this exercise two to three times with in-between rests of 3-5 seconds.

Move your head from left to right and right to left, and then droop it forwards and backward for 5-10 times, as per requirement and capability. This exercise cures contraction or stiffness in neck muscles, which hampers blood supply to the head and lead to dull eyes.

Palming relaxes eyes:

Sit in a comfortable, relaxed position with closed eyes, and then rub your palms against each other put your right palm on your right eyes and left palm over left eye.  Make sure that your palms do not exert any pressure on your eyes; they should just completely cover your eyes. This will make your eyes experience just dark blankness in front of them. This exercise has been in practice since ancient times. Many people perform this exercise when they wake up in the morning, while many others perform it before going to bed at night. However, you can perform palming anytime of the day to reduce strain form eyes and surrounding muscles, particularly after watching television or working on a computer. Your eyes will gain a never-before-experienced soothing effect.

Diet to cure dull eyes:

Each of the essential nutrients required by the body plays a role in maintaining the health and beauty of the eyes, but the paramount role is played by vitamin A. Therefore to maintain the health and beauty of the eyes, your diet must be rich in vitamin A. This essential vitamin is available in abundance in a number of natural foods such as milk, curd, butter, green leafy vegetables, sweet potato, tomato, pumpkin, carrot, egg yolk, lean beef and cod liver oil. Apart from all these sources, several delicious fruits, including papaya, mango, melon and oranges are also rich in vitamin A. Including these foods in diet not only helps a lot in getting rid of dull eyes but also keeps potential diseases like cataracts at an arm’s length.